Participation Rules - 
CinémAnimé 2015-2016

This year, the theme of our Festival CinémAnimé Cross is      "Endangered animals in Ontario". 
1) Students should form groups of 2-3 participants.
2) Complete your storyboard.
3) Your storyboard needs to have three scenes.
4) The scenes must contain the following elements: 
    a. First scene: The animal and its habitat.
    b. Seconde scene: An issue that threatens the animal existence.
    c.  Third scene: A message or solution to minimize the problème.    
5) Each animation should be no longer than 40 seconds.
6) In the narration, the animation creators must include the name of the animal, the problem that threatens its existence and the proposed solution to minimize the problem. 
7) To submit your animation, upload it to your Google drive and share it with .
8) The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2015.